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Varia Vert offers you exclusive quality and outstanding service

For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. You will discover this in your personal contact with us, in our commitment as well as our entire customer care. We are able to offer a large selection of garden plants all year round. At the same time, our products are of the highest quality and will live up to your requirements. With our comprehensive, personal service we will work together with you to get the result you want!

For a horticulturist, a garden designer or a green expert, you’ve come to the right place. We are not just a supplier for gardening and landscaping; we think through the whole process with you as an expert partner.

Take advantage of our many benefits and work with our expert specialists. Our professional team will take care of everything so that you can concentrate fully on your core business. Our aim is to exceed your expectations.

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The Green Inspiration

Simple ordering system

You can choose the plants you want with ease and convenience in our online catalogue. As well as our standard range, we offer flexible solutions for specific customer requirements in terms of plant types, sizes and shapes.

Personal commitment

For us, personal contact with our customers is vitally important. Our team is ready to do their very best for you every day. You can reach us at any time and we’ll always respond to your questions and requests within one working day.

Delivery reliability

We deliver at the times agreed and requested the whole year round. If a delivery time changes due to unforeseen circumstances, you will of course be informed of it by us quickly and directly.

High quality

You receive only the best in quality – we guarantee it! When you place your order, you can rely on us to deliver all the plants to you in the right condition.

Delivery worldwide

Our international nursery business is based in the Netherlands. We have the logistics to deliver quickly worldwide. We do everything possible to ensure your garden plants are delivered anywhere in the world, just in time!

High customer satisfaction

Our entire business operation and all our efforts are aimed at ensuring you are satisfied as a customer. Have any complaints? They will be solved immediately and appropriately. We’ll never let you down – that you can rely on!


Comprehensive, professional customer care

Do you have a particular request or a question about a special type of plant? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will offer you expert advice and always provide the answers you need. With our easy accessibility, you can contact one of our employees directly at any time. If you prefer to send your question by email, you are guaranteed to receive an answer within one working day.

We have a great working atmosphere to allow the passion for nature to bloom. All our employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. That’s how we ensure that, as a customer, you will be looked after and supported from A to Z. You deserve nothing less!

More about Varia Vert

With our well-qualified team and an excellent distribution network, we can deliver a wide range of plants of the best quality the whole year round.

Our customers include specialist large-scale retailers, professional gardeners, garden suppliers, renowned landscape gardeners and garden centres. We concentrate our activities primarily in the German-speaking countries and a few other Western European countries.

We place great importance on building long-term relationships with international suppliers, traders and customers. Personal contact plays a main role in this. This allows us to cater to your needs with flexibility.

We think creatively and spring into action for you at any time!


  •   +31 416 694132
  •   Wielstraat 10, 4264 AV Veen, Holland
  •   info@varia-vert.nl.
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